Thank You Aroma Bliss for always giving us the miracle products. There are so many products in the market right now but contains all sorts of chemicals. But you have proved that your products are truly natural. They work great and have helped me remove all my dark spots and gives me healthier skin day by day. All the best!


I have been using your KasthuriKaha night cream and the face wash and they have worked wonders on my skin. I cannot go a night without using your products now! Thank you so much for giving us such awesome products. I’m totally in love with these.

What can I say? I m in love with Aroma kasturi kaha and sandalwood soap and pack 💖😍🥰. It gave me a baby skin. I highly recommended every one to use this.
This is not a product for me its a miracle.
Special thanks for Achini of Aroma team for the friendly, polite and quick service.
Dines Bishmarck
Highly recommended Aroma Bliss Ceylon products for anyone .I have been using many products .All are really good skincare products.And the smell is really good! Thanks for friendly helpfull customer servis❤
Hansani Abeywickrama
🎖Highly recommended🎖
I used day and night creams from ABC and BOTH face creams were extraordinarily amazing!!! This is the first time I’ve ordered online the same product from same vendor twice😁Expecting to try out some other awesome products from you in the future..
Please always maintain your quality to the maximum☺️
Keep up the great work👍🏻
Wishing you all success🏆
Thishari Sirimanne
I have tried so many day creams but nothing worked with my oily skin. After reading all the positive comments on their facebook i ordered the charcoal soap and the saffron day cream. I’m highly impressed with the results I got within 3 weeks. 💕
Shalini Wije Krishnan
I used Kasthuri Kaha Night cream produt for 3 months. It was incredible . I have used several night cream products. But among them Aroma night cream is the best. I had lots of acnes in my face . Only Aroma night cream could reduce those. That’s why I decided to use aroma Lavender Body lotion also. I’m really happy about your products. And thank you for the quick respond when we order your products . Really appreciated❤️❤️.
Sandali Fernando
Highly recommended !!
Such a good night cream & soap i ever used.. 😍
Thank you soo much for the friendly and fast service …❤️
Thank you Aroma Bliss..❤️❤️
Minoli Wanniarachchi
Thank you very much Aroma Bliss for the amazing product range. I am using Kasthuri Kaha face wash currently and it enhances the skin radiance and gives me very soft skin. And Black seed oil is another amazing product which helps me to have a thicker and healthy hair.
Quick and friendly service and the premium quality products always encourage me to try more and more Aroma Bliss products. 🧡
I highly recommend Aroma Bliss.
Chamini Jayarathna

It’s been a month since I switched to using Aroma Bliss products and my skin is definitely glowing up every day! Truly amazing products.

The Bamboo Charcoal soap does wonders! It has worked great on my skin. Thank you Aroma Bliss!

Amazing products with natural and soothing fragrances and very luxurious packaging. Thank you so much for the friendly and fast service!