Rose Petals Powder Pack


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Aroma Bliss Ceylon Organic Rose Petal Powder Pack.
ස්වභාවික රෝස පෙති සාරය මගින් ඔබේ සමට සුසුනිදු පැහැපත් බවක් ලබාදී, මැරුන සම ඉවත් කරමින් නිරෝගී සුන්දර පෙනුමක් ලබාදෙයි.
අවුවට පිලිස්සීම් ඉවත්කර සම වියපත් වීම වලකා සැමදා නැවුම් පිරිපුන් සමක් ලබාදෙයි.
Rose water ලෙසද භාවිතා කල හැක.
Here are a few reasons why Natural Rose Petal powder is a must have in your skincare routine 💕
• Rose Petals work as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and smooth out your skin
• helps ease irritation to the skin caused by exposure to harmful sun rays & pollution
• Has anti aging properties which fight against signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in younger looking, flawless skin
• Helps fade dark circles around your eyes and other dark spots and pigmentations, while improving your complexion overall
• is suitable to be used by all skin types to remove excess oils while providing a good level of moisture and hydration
Aroma Bliss ceylon – ROSE PETAL POWDER pack is made with 100% organic rose petals only 🌹
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